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The California Football Officials Association- Los Angeles Unit is comprised of over 150 dedicated men and women whose primary goal is to provide quality officiating throughout Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.  Having learned the mechanics has enabled officials to consistently provide accurate interpretation and application of rules to all LAUSD member schools and student athletes from flag to varsity.  This practice has elevated the standards of officiating of members from high school and beyond.

If you or if you know of anyone who may be interested in joining a great group of football officials, click the link below. It’ll be the best vocation you’ll ever experience.


SEE YOU IN 2020!

Thanks to everyone who worked hard and made 2019 a successful season for our unit. Check back here in the late winter or early spring for 2020 registration information. 

In the meantime, talk to friends and colleagues who may want to join us. We're always looking for people interested in officiating, and we do our best to find opportunities to get on the field as quickly as possible. 


2020 Summer Study Guide
These 100 questions will help you review the NFHS rules and prepare for the season. 

2020 NFHS Football Rule Changes

All of the rules changes for the 2020 season are outlined in this document, including changes to the play clock, tripping and batting, which align the NFHS rules more with NCAA rules.

40/25 Second Play Clock App on Apple Watches

There is an app for Apple watches that runs the 25- and 40-second play clocks. If you have an Apple watch, be sure to download the app on your phone, then use it on your watch. 


With various media reports of needles being found on ballfields, and with the increase of homelessness in Los Angeles, inspecting fields before each game will be a point of emphasis this season. Each official should be on the field at least 30 minutes before each game for a careful inspection of the field.

If you find a needle, do not touch it. Contact a school administrator immediately, and be sure to include this in your game report.